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“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” — Orwell

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Founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, is not the most likable person. His translucent pale visage, beady eyes and mischievous constitution tend to put people on edge, and the general air of unapologetic arrogance with which he presents himself seems contrived to provoke disdain.

His demeanor is smug, self-righteous and unabashed, and the strange, enigmatic nature of his Australian antecedents only adds more unwanted spice to this bizarre litany of unsavory flavours.

With several unusual charges against him, including a sexual assault case in Sweden and treason…

Climate Change Has Never Felt So Real

Floods in Germany:

Aside from being the second year of the Coronavirus pandemic — the year of ongoing lockdowns, varying variants and an unprecedented worldwide vaccine rollout — 2021 has also been a year of catastrophic weather events which have shaken beliefs and torn nations apart.

Whether we believe in climate change or not, it has become quite clear that climate change believes in us and seems determined in proving its own existence by way of terrifying floods, cyclones, wildfires and weather anomalies occurring in countries that haven’t witnessed anything of the kind in centuries.


The Salacious, Sordid Tale of an Elite Pedophile Ring

Epstein and Trump. Image source:

Anyone not living under rock over the past few years (although I wouldn’t blame you!) has heard tell of the infamous Jeffrey Epstein and his licentious, perverted proclivity to molest young girls and women.

Over the course of a few decades, Epstein and his band of elite miscreants groomed, abducted, coerced and convinced girls as young as 12 and 14 to join him on his private island, aptly named Pedo Island, and to meet him in his various townhouses in New York, Paris and London, among other select locations.

They would…

How Friendships Die and Enemies Abound in the Last Bid for Survival

Hasan Alasmi Qwql —

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, yet after months — perhaps years — of turbulent, unsupportive alliances, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between the two.

A profound, yet unexpected happenstance for me during the ins and outs of the Coronavirus lockdowns was the revelation of who my real friends were:

I realized I didn’t have any.

Discovering the true nature of the peers I had pledged my loyalty to for over two decades was a difficult and heart-wrenching process from which…

JR Korpa —

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

As I write to you now we are still in the midst of the fallout. The world has fallen silent. At least so it seems. …

The Age of the Billionaires and the Death of the Planet

Image source: Michael Heuser, Unsplash,com

The gilded age has returned with zealous fortitude, carrying with it in its wake a sardonic smile and an outright mockery of centuries of social progress — the forty hour working week, the minimum wage, the democratic vote and universal suffrage, the unions and the fair treatment of labour.

Throwing pennies down from their spaceships as they zoom off in search of another ecosystem to pilfer and destroy, the nouveau riche and the heirs of old robber barons alike chuckle at our collective shock and confusion.

Watching in dismay…

The greatest fulfillment can often lead to the gravest emptiness

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Precious few who have marveled at Welles’ cinematic masterpiece have understood the true meaning behind the fateful last word of the legendary central character, Charles Foster Kane:


The mystery of this final utterance engulfs Kane’s former media colleagues and rivals in intrigue and fascination, though the film’s ending makes clear that their attempt to unravel this enigma results in little other than a cold trail and a gnawing lack of comprehension.

Revealed to be his childhood snow-sleigh, it is thus left to the imagination of the audience as to…

That no one ever tells you about

Brut Carniollus —

It is common knowledge that getting older is a difficult process, yet there are many aspects of aging that one only comes to realize as they experience life’s ongoing transitions for themselves.

Your elders have probably made it seem easy enough for a reason — they simply don’t want to scare you.

Below are five ways making it to the winter of your existence can be even more arduous than you may have believed in your youth.

1. It’s Super Expensive

It is widely expected that our earning power increases over time — as we gain more…

How “lying down” may very well be revolutionary

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“Lying flat is my wise movement.Only by lying down can humans become the measure of all things.” — Lying Flat Manifesto

Millennials in the West may feel burnt out, demoralized and disillusioned with the harsh realities of the labour market and the apocalyptic nature of late stage capitalism, yet these sentiments pale in comparison to the utter exhaustion and sense of futility that currently wracks young Chinese workers to their core.

Expectations to study from dawn to dusk their entire lives, compete against millions of others for increasingly dwindling professional opportunities, work…

New system may not be as innocuous as they would like us to believe

lasma artmane —

Ireland is said to lag behind the 27 European member states which have already instituted a special new system designed with the express intention to make travel easier for EU citizens who wish to traverse the Schengen area.

Now in order to enter an EU country, one has to obtain proof from their medical physician that they have either been vaccinated, had Covid and recovered, or tested negative for the virus and register their documents with an online account which will then be approved by a…

D. K. Blaire

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